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MEAT's Journal
20 entries back

Date:2004-02-22 18:37
Subject:Went shopping

I should probably stop eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Milk's too expensive.

It rained yesterday and the ants invaded my old grease jar today.

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Date:2004-02-06 11:50
Subject:Auf Deutsch

Would "The Strokes" become der die or das Strokes?

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Date:2004-02-05 23:08
Subject:Mystic River

So I saw me Mystic River.

It was like In the Bedroom but about younger people.
And no Marisa Tomei.

It was a good movie nonetheless, but you've basically got tragedies running rampant. It's a series of shit that keeps piling up on the main characters and if they don't die, they grow older, harder, better, stronger. Sean Penn is fucking great and really deserves the golden globe. So to compile my 2003 list of movies:

1. American Splendor
2. Lost in Translation
3. Kill Bill vol 1
4. Return of the King - For some reason, seeing it an even number of times left a bad taste in my mouth and an odd number was oddly satisfying.
5. Cold Mountain
6. School of Rock
7. Big Fish
8. Elf
9. Bend it Like Beckham
10. Finding Nemo

Of the possibly worthwhile movies I haven't seen from last year:
In America
The Last Samurai
City of God
Dirty Pretty Things
Whale Rider
28 Days (Later)
Swimming Pool - God
L' Auberge Espagnol
21 Grams
Bubba Ho-Tep
Millenium Actress

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Date:2004-01-23 09:25

I'm still sick

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Date:2004-01-22 21:01

I'm banned.

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Date:2004-01-21 10:45

I'd have to say that today so far has been shit. I woke up at 6:00 am from a 1 1/2 hour rest after studying for an econ quiz today. Class starts at 8:10 and I really like the full head start in the morning. I do the usual, drinking tea and checking computer stuff, and then I head off to class. I get there, first day I've been to this econ class, and I feel a bit alienated. I had only signed up for the class the week before, and this was the first time I had seen any of these faces. "So why," I ask myself, "are there only girls in an econ class?" The first guy shows up 5 minutes late and the TA follows him in. The TA says, "You know, out of all my discussion classes, you guys had the best scores on the first quiz."
I shit my pants.
I begin fretting. How the hell did I miss the first quiz?! The Professor said we only had 2 and they were both worth 5% each, so my head is spinning around his situation. The TA hands out the quizzes and there on the front, it says "PHIL 01 #03."
I shit my pants again.
I run out of the classroom, check the room number, check the day, check the ti... me....
8:10 PM - 9:00PM

I go back to my apartment, sick off a recent contracted cold, happy that I don't have class, and tired.

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Date:2004-01-18 11:43

I'm awake

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Date:2004-01-18 01:50
Subject:So who's up for wrens or ted leo?

Well?Collapse )

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Date:2004-01-18 00:07
Subject:Greasy Skater?


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Date:2004-01-17 23:22

New X-Men is pretty good. It just needs more sexiness. I mean, there is some, but it needs like zooms on the cleavage.

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Date:2004-01-17 18:44

My uncle's on right. I'm in the middle. I don't know the fag on the leftCollapse )

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Date:2004-01-17 10:56

i went to the bank today

i left with the money

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Date:2004-01-03 22:09
Subject:Driving on New Years Eve

I came back to my apartment on New Years Eve because I had to drop my brother off in Burbank.

When I started the car up, Hendrix came on. It was "The Wind Cried Mary" with Jimi wailing away on guitar. As we started going, we had a little light conversation and he told me about the movie he was watching last night, "Sleepers". Despite the caliber of talent in the cast, he said the movie blew beyond comprehension and couldn't understand how and why it was made. As we started going on the freeway, I ran over a glove running freely on the freeway. He screamed out, "Oh my God! Someone lost their hand! HELP! SOMEONE LOST THEIR HAND!" and proceeded to mock the loss of his hand. I dropped him off, started going for my next 1 hour of driving and put on Yo La Tengo. It was good.

About 30 minutes out from Riverside, I ran over a seagull square with my right tire. I could hear the sound of a dozen bones crunching as the tire ran over the dead bird and I looked in my rear view mirror to see the most beautiful explosion of feathers. It was fantastic.

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Date:2003-12-20 21:31

I just watched this movie twice hoping I would get to see Alicia Witt's titties. I failed.

In conjunction with this failure, I realized the genius of this movie. The acting is all secondary to Charlie Kaufman's sexual frustration, his inhibitions being poured out in the moonlight and he himself setting them on fire as a pyromaniac on a psychological murder path.

I also watched the first 30 minutes of The Shawshank Redemption with my mother until she went to bed (obviously after the 30 minute mark). I made fun of her inability to stay awake beyond 9:00 pm and just mulled the "And it's FATASS by a nose!" line over and over until it just reached the peak of its hilarity and no one step further.

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Date:2003-12-16 15:20
Subject:Also, on the calendar

Meatmaninacan: lord of the rings tonight at 12:01
SpikeCB22: Yeah yeah yeahs

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Date:2003-12-16 15:17
Subject:One Piece

What the hell is a macaque?

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Date:2003-12-08 14:59
Subject:I hate salad

I've done nothing much today aside from studying for finals. Classical music is really annoying sometimes.

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