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Wow, I still have this thing

The past 3 weeks have been the same.
I've been commuting to school(UCSB) daily. I work on Mondays and Thursdays 2-6:30.

My mom moved recently to Calabasas, which looks like Beverly Hills after living in Oxnard for 10 years. She also bought a plasma HD TV, new beds, and a leather sofa to go along with the place. I don't have the cable that I need to hook my digicam to my computer, so I can't post pictures of the place, but it is nice. The light fixtures are either embedded to the ceiling or they hang around convenient areas. The entire kitchen is black, dark wood brown, with one of those silvery, shiny fridges.

Today, I had Psychology lecture, German, and I skipped my weight training class because I'm sure I can never get around to attending it. My friend Blake brought up class registration and I just realized that I probably should start registering because my first period is from the 2nd to the 25th, which is right now. I came back, worked, had dinner, then came back here and I was just playing around on the computer for a whole 2 hours. The place is freezing right now because the thermostat is broken and the heating company didn't come today when they said they would.

Work completely sucked the energy out of me today. I started out fine because Tiffany and Stacey always get me up when they're around and the kids are great, but I'm guessing I didn't eat enough for lunch because I ate a lot at dinner. Writing all this is going no where.
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