MEAT (spikecb22) wrote,

My weekend

So my computer went completely batshit and it died on me. One of the Windows loading files was corrupted by a virus after I left my computer on for 4 hours and I can't even reformat it myself. I'm thinking of buying a new ABS with an Athalon 64, or else I'll just take it to the computer repair shop later today and get them to reformat it for me. I won't be on as much now considering that the only access to the internet I have if from here, the school library, which is 30 minutes out of my way.
As for movies I watched this weekend:
Phone Booth - Schumacher still sucks ass and can waste more money than a gay guy in New York, but everything that didn't actually require a director was decent.
The Punisher - Painful dialogue, but some nice scenes. For an action movie, parts are perfect, others are terrible shit.
Spike and Mike 2004 - Why the fuck did I watch this? The only decent parts I saw were Stubble Touble and Dr. Tran before I walked out and saw The Punisher.
Lord of the G-String - From the creators of Play-mate of the Apes(and pretty much the same cast). Laugh-at-ably campy porn film.
Gladiator Eroticus-From the same people. This was actually really really bad.

And I bought:
Les Savy Fav - Inches
...and you will knows us by the Trail of Dead - s/t
The Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island, Burn
Ben Kweller - On my Way(bah)
and something else I forget.
21 Grams
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