MEAT (spikecb22) wrote,

Someone just pissed me off for my daily quota

You know what you do when someone is holding a 2 gallon jug of water and a handful of other items? MOVE YOU FUCKING FATASS.

Maybe it's just a 6 back-to-back episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but this bitch with her chocolate cheesecake and fucking triple chin takes the cake for more likely to never reproduce in her lifetime. First, she was buying a chocolate cheesecake(which I later learned was 10 dollars). She should be spending the money on a fucking personal trainer. Second, she didn't put the goddamn divider bar while she fucking knew I was juggling this massive shit. Oh, I'm sorry honey, I'm not used to carrying shit that bites into my hand. Third, she's just a fucking fatass. I said it. I don't jog 5 miles a day either, but I'm not buying a fucking cake at 9:30pm and acting like a bitch.

This message was brought to you by Larry David.
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