MEAT (spikecb22) wrote,

Just an AIM chat

SpikeCB22: btw, I think I found your band(blonde redhead site)
LookinGlassGrl84: yeah i have a shit load of their music
SpikeCB22: appropriate name
LookinGlassGrl84: yes indeed
LookinGlassGrl84: i actually got their musci just cuza the name
LookinGlassGrl84: and they turned out to be not so bad
SpikeCB22: they're kind of like Sonic Youth
SpikeCB22: too much so
LookinGlassGrl84: i dont kno to much of sonic youth...but it seems any band in that particular geandra( i effed the spellin) sounds the same
SpikeCB22: genre?
LookinGlassGrl84: ahhh..i knew that..just a temporary brain thingy
SpikeCB22: yeah, I'm having an off day too
SpikeCB22: massive headache
LookinGlassGrl84: i think i mite be gettin ealry onset of alzheimers
SpikeCB22: now that's sad
LookinGlassGrl84: and mixed in with a slight case of mono
SpikeCB22: mono, now that's sexy
LookinGlassGrl84: yes it is
SpikeCB22: let's go make out some time
LookinGlassGrl84: naw i dont have mono
SpikeCB22: ouch, burned
SpikeCB22: I'm not supposed to say that anymore, am I
LookinGlassGrl84: no u need to think of updated lingo
SpikeCB22: dunked?
SpikeCB22: maybe?
SpikeCB22: or I got suhrved
LookinGlassGrl84: served
LookinGlassGrl84: i like it
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